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Much more than just an alarm clock

Don't be fooled by the name - Alarm Clock Pro is much more than just a flashy way of getting you out of bed on time.

Alarm Clock Pro is a fully functional organizer and scheduler that aims to ensure you never miss an important date again. As a wake-up alarm, it allows you to configure the tone as anything from an Internet radio station to an MP3 and even a movie or daily task. If you don't have your PC in your bedroom that's no problem either - Alarm Clock Pro can be configured to send wake-up text messages to your cell phone.

An alternative use for the application is to have it periodically check your webcam and automatically send security screenshots to your email address. This way, you can use your PC as a closed-circuit TV monitoring device. In addition, you can program it to randomize the iTunes playlist, remind you of holidays and special occasions, perform system tasks, automatically send out birthday cards, text message your daily task list to a cell phone, amongst other things.

One slightly unusual aspect of Alarm Clock Pro is its ability to speak inspirational quotes at random moments throughout the day. This can be programmed to occur at virtually any specific time interval set by yourself to keep you going through the day.

It might sound a bit weird giving an Alarm Clock 'Pro' status, but once you've seen everything Alarm Clock Pro can do, you'll understand why. You'll probably not find another alarm application that gives you so much control over how you use your Mac clock. There have been several bugs ironed out in this latest release but the downside is that for the first time, users are required to pay for Alarm Clock Pro.

An attractive interface combined with an array of different uses make Alarm Clock Pro one of the best alarm clocks around - it's just a shame it's not free anymore.

Bug Fix: Fixed GROWL issues


  • Bug Fix: Fixed GROWL issues


  • Huge amount of customisation options
  • Does everything from alarm functions to iTunes management
  • Elegant, searchable interface


  • A little over the top for most people's alarm clock needs


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Alarm Clock Pro


Alarm Clock Pro 9.4.6 for Mac


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  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Best organization helper ever!.
    It's always a challenge to remember all the schedule changes in my 4th gr. class. ACP is the answMore

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